About Sal De Loera
I have been involved in Information Technology, specifically Data Warehousing and BI, for over 8 years. Over these years I have assumed the following roles: Software Engineer Intern, Programmer/Analyst, Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer, Data Architect, Director of Information Technology, and as most recently as a Data Warehouse / BI consultant. Additionally, my IT experience spans the following industries: Insurance, Restaurant, Mass Media, Education, and Local Government. I have created this blog primarily as a means to not only share information and case studies regarding Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Modeling, but also receive input from the community on some of the topics that I'l cover. Looking forward to your feedback and to the exciting opportunities that come with new people and technology!

4 Responses to Metadata-Driven ETL : SQL Server Dependent Job Execution

  1. Jessica says:

    Great article! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up it is exactly what I was looking for. I started to create something very similar, but was missing something and was going about it a little differently. This really helped to piece it all together. I also have a DW background and was spoiled in the past with Informatica, Unix and an Enterprise Scheduler. The company I currently work for uses SSIS and SQL Agent as the scheduling tool. We currently built a DW and are getting ready to automate it, but I am finding difficult to create the inter dependencies between the diverse systems. I am newer to these apps so I’ve been doing a lot of searching on-line but haven’t been able to find examples of exactly what I’ve been looking for, until NOW! Just wondering if I would be able to email you if I run into any questions when trying to implement the framework described above? Also, would you be able to provide the DDL for the tables?

  2. Paul says:

    Very nice article and well written. This issues that you point out are exactly what I’ve been focused on resolving with a metadata driven ETL (MDDE) solutoin called LeapFrogBI. Traditional ETL development is too slow and has too many dependencies to facilitate agile work processes. With MDDE we can cut out much of the waist and streamline data mart development without restricting custom solution needs. If you get a chance, please check out http://www.leapfrogbi.com. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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