Dynamic Multi-Threaded SSIS using C#

Here is a snippet of code that will assist in the dynamic ‘spin-up’ of duplicate SSIS packages.  To put it simply, I used this approach in a C# service that monitored a nightly FTP file drop folder and inserted records into a queue table (one record per file) for SSIS  processing.  The code below essentially looks at queue table on a timer interval, gathers the count of files ready to be processed, compares that count to the number of available dtexec threads (equals the number of SSIS packages currently running minus the configurable number of SSIS threads allowed) and fires off dtexec calls as needed. Per Microsoft’s recommendation, the maximum number of concurrently running executables is equal to the total number of processors on the computer executing the package, plus two. In my case I configured this routine to have 18 max available processing threads as the dtexec server contained 16 cores. Happy coding!

About Sal De Loera
I have been involved in Information Technology, specifically Data Warehousing and BI, for over 8 years. Over these years I have assumed the following roles: Software Engineer Intern, Programmer/Analyst, Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer, Data Architect, Director of Information Technology, and as most recently as a Data Warehouse / BI consultant. Additionally, my IT experience spans the following industries: Insurance, Restaurant, Mass Media, Education, and Local Government. I have created this blog primarily as a means to not only share information and case studies regarding Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Modeling, but also receive input from the community on some of the topics that I'l cover. Looking forward to your feedback and to the exciting opportunities that come with new people and technology!

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