HP Announcement: PDW V2 Appliance Features

HP Announcement: PDW V2 Appliance Features

New features for the HP’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) V2 appliance for SQL Server PDW have been announced!


  • Lower price point (backup and landing zone servers not longer required)
  • Increased CPU power (16 vs V1’s 12 cores per compute node)
  • Increased Memory (256 mb vs V1’s 96 mb per server)
  • Increased storage/scalability (support for up to 5 Petabytes of disk space vs V1’s 610Tb)
  • Infiniband Data Movement Speeds: FDR (14x bandwidth) vs V1’s QDR (4x bandwidth)
  • Microsoft V2 enhancements include “direct attached” SAS JBOD storage, Hyper V, Mirroring, and Server 2012 Storage Spaces
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